We in J.A.G. Alcaide are well aware of how much importance has opening new paths and adapting to new concerns that people have nowadays. For this reason we want to start focusing on new areas such as home automation, which are expected to have a basic role in the structure of future homes.

Many people will wonder, what’s exactly house automation? Well, house automation means turning manual house functions into automatic ones, with the final purpose of creating “smart houses”, in which owners feel more safe and comfortable. Home automation has another branch that focuses on building automation, however in this post we’re just going to talk about the house part.

Home automation has many functions, which go from things that can help make your life easier, to others that can seem even a bit futuristic. When it comes to safety, for example an automated house can have water sensors which make sound an alarm if they notice water where it shouldn’t be, or gas sensors making also sound an alarm when they notice gas leak. Other applications can relate to comfort, such as having movement sensors that turn lights on when they notice people walking around  or houses with anemometers outside (sensors that detect wind speed),  that will close the blind or shutters down when they notice too much wind speed.

House automation has also more futuristic applications, like for example listening to the user’s favorite soundtrack when he/she wakes up from bed in the morning, or the ability to control the house from a computer.

Other security focused applications are highly valued by users. For example an automated house can configure the system so that when the user presses a button on the phone all house blinds are lowered or during vacations when nobody is home, the automated system can move blinds up and down from time to time in order to simulate presence.

Automated house control panel

Automated house control panel

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