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The advantages of the wall mounted gas heaters are that they are very easy to install compared to the normal water heating systems and, if you want to increase the number of radiators in the future, you won’t find any problems with doing so.

Thanks to their working system, each of the installed radiators can be controlled independently, this way you’ll be able to keep working only the ones you’re going to use, while the ones you’re not using will stay turned off, meaning you won’t be spending any energy you don’t require.

Some of the many advantages of wall mounted gas heaters are their integrated thermostatic control, low power consumption and easy installation.

As you will be able to read in the two pages where we explain the different brands of wall mounted gas heaters that we work with, there are different models with different characteristics. Among these models, you can find the ones that have no electronic ignition nor forced draft fan, so they require no electricity power. When it comes to these models you’ll only need a gas pipe and a flue kit in order to get the fumes out. On the other side there’s the radiators that have a fan incorporated in order to help expulse the fumes out, and they have also electronic ignition. These ones do require electrical installation.

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Kromschroeder Wall mounted gas heaters

In J.A.G. Alcaide, we have decided to bet heavily on the Kromschroeder brand, a specialist manufacturer in the field of gas wall-mounted radiators, which was already in charge of manufacturing the famous Strachenova wall-mounted radiator. Kromschroeder always manufactures its devices with the highest quality materials and guarantees customers the confidence of being one of the leading brands in the sector.

Radiador mural a gas Echo XN

Gas wall radiator Echo XN

Next we will proceed to discuss the various models of gas wall radiators of the Kromschroeder brand that we install, differentiating them by the characteristics that separate them from each other and adding their technical specifications.

Gas wall radiator ECHO XC range

The main advantage of this wall-mounted radiator is the fact that it does not require an electrical supply to function. The ignition of the flame is carried out by means of a piezoelectric and its control is carried out by means of a thermocouple. It is a natural convection heating, and allows modulating the power of the appliance between 40% and 100%.

Three models of this range are manufactured, having the following technical specifications:

Radiador mural a gas Echo XC

ECHO XN range gas wall-mounted radiator

This wall-mounted radiator offers an integrated tangential fan. This fan requires electrical power, so to install this model it is necessary to have an electrical installation- Like the previous model, it is ignited by piezoelectric, the flame is controlled by the thermocouple and allows modulating the power between 40 and 100% It is equipped with an adjustable grille to direct the flow of hot air and the fan can be switched off if the user prefers it. It incorporates the possibility of programming by hourly and / or weekly timer.

Three models of this range are also manufactured, having the following technical specifications:

Radiador mural a gas ECHO XN

Fondital radiators

One of the brands we currently work with is the Italian brand Fondital, due to the good benefits its products offer. Its GAZZELLE TECHNO range includes models of different power and design, from natural draft to premix devices, all with a watertight chamber. Modern design with soft and simple lines, compact, made of quality materials, to adapt to any type of decoration, giving elegance to the environment.

The simplicity of installation (does not require major modifications of the pre-existing systems or of the masonry structure), ease of use and safety are the intrinsic characteristics of the GAZELLE TECHNO range.

Gazelle Techno 2200 model
Convective gas stove with sealed chamber, natural draft, with pilot flame and safety device with thermocouple, which does not require an electric current to operate.


Gazelle Techno Classic model
Convective gas stove that associates the traditional combustion system with an atmospheric burner to the advanced construction and electronic management system characteristic of the entire range.


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