Mitsubishi air conditioning

The Mitsubishi Electric Group has been around 100 years as a world leader in the manufacture and sale of electrical and electronic equipment: elevators, air conditioning and security systems, automotive, trains, satellites, solar energy systems, industrial machinery, semiconductors, audiovisual equipment, communication and information systems, medical equipment, etc.

In the sector of air conditioning systems, both industrial and residential, Mitsubishi Electric is proud to offer the most energy-efficient, ecological and technologically advanced equipment on the market, offering maximum comfort to its users.

Environment and Quality

More than ten years of experience, research and innovation in favor of sustainable development, have led to the definition of a specific framework for action, known by its initials “M.E.T.” in reference to three specific objectives: the efficient use of Materials, the saving of Energy and the reduction of the use of potentially Toxic substances. Some milestones of this process include: the creation of an internal eco-label, the integration of ecological criteria in the design of products and the analysis of their life cycle.