We executed an underfloor heating system installation using the REHAU system in Molins de Rei. The underfloor heating is a kind of installation that consists on a series of piping circuits that are placed inside the floor or ceiling so that they remain invisible. Through these circuits the water flows at different temperatures depending of what use you want to get: if you want the house to get colder the water will flow at low temperature. On the other hand, if what you want is the house to be warmer the water will flow at a higher temperature.

Using this system has lots of advantages such as heat and acoustic comfort, energetic efficiency, interior thermal stability independent from what happens on the outside… Another advantage is also the absence of radiators, making rooms more attractive.

In order to provide hot water to the underfloor heating system we used a solar panel together with an auxiliary water heating system consisting of a 25kW Junkers CERAPUR COMFORT ZWBC25-2CN boiler. The system worked the following way: The pumping group brought the heat transfer fluid to the solar panel which warmed it up. Then this fluid was used to transfer its heat to the water, which would then travel through the underfloor heating system warming it up.  If the solar panel didn’t have enough power to warm up the water then the Junkers boiler was activated helping heat the water.

Underfloor heating installation

Junkers ZWBC25-2C

Instalacioón de calefacción por suelo radianteUnderfloor heating installationUnder floor heating installationinstalación de calefacción por suelo radianteUnderfloor heating installationinstalación de calefacción por suelo radiante

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