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Charging point signal

Spain is one of the most enthusiastic countries in regards to the purchase of electric vehicles. A study by  Accente consultancy reveals that 77% of the Spaniards would purchase a vehicle of the sort. One of the reasons for that enthusiasm is the  low fuel consumption of these vehicles; aprozimately 650 € every 10000km. Another important reason is their low carbon emissions produced by its internal combustion engine.

There are two ways to charge electric vehicles:

  •      Conventional charging, which uses the same current and voltage as a standard house, ie 16 amperes and 230 volts. With this charging system a car battery would take about 8 hours to load completely.
  •      The fast charging, which uses a higher intensity and a power output of 22kW. With this charging system it would take about 15 minutes to load 65% of the car’s battery.

It is clear that to promote this new electric vehicle market is essential to set many more charging points. As we can conclude from the requirement of the European Union, which has asked Spain to place about 82,000 charging points within its territory before the year 2020.

If you are interested in installing a charging point for your electric car, contact us and we will provide all the information you need.

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