Gama Bosch Climate 3000i, Bosch Climate 5000i and Bosch Climate 6000i

Air conditioning functions Bosch Climate 3000i, 5000i y 6000i:

Air conditioning Bosch Climate

Silent mode to reduce the noise emitted by the indoor unit when it is running, improving user comfort.

Follow me function, so that the air conditioner will regulate the room temperature based on the temperature around the remote control. The temperature sensor built into the remote controller is activated and therefore replaces the one on the outdoor unit.

The indirect breeze function helps to adjust the direction of the airflow, preventing it from reaching the user directly. By choosing this function, the horizontal blind moves to the top position.


Easy to use

They have Wi-Fi connectivity with the Bosch HomeCom Easy application (3000i range with separate accessory and 5000i and 6000i ranges with integrated Wi-Fi.

Automatic restart, the air conditioning system will not forget any settings in case of power failure.

The timer is very easy to set. The air conditioner will turn off automatically after the set time.


Air quality

The iClean system causes the evaporator temperature to rise to 56Gº, eliminating a large percentage of bacteria.

Anti-freeze protection keeping the room at a minimum temperature of +8Cº.

Ionizing technology that eliminates bacteria, mold, viruses and other contaminants in the air.


Energy consumption

The gear function allows you to adjust different power levels (50%, 75% or 100%).

Eco mode allows the unit to reduce its consumption while it is activated.


Bosch Climate 3000i air conditioner

As simple as that, the new Climate 3000i equipment allows you to instantly create a cleaner and fresher environment thanks to the high-density catalytic filter.

Always clean and healthy, the efficient i-Clean function eliminates harmful bacteria by heating up to 56ºC in the evaporator. In this way, only clean air is released into the instance.


Technical characteristics Bosch Climate 3000i:
Technical characteristics Bosch Climate 3000i

Air conditioner Bosch Climate 5000i

The Bosch Climate 5000i air conditioner incorporates ionizer, biofilter and connectivity technology to ensure the best indoor air quality.

With catalytic filters, high-density and biological filters, and ionization technology, bacteria, mold, viruses, and other harmful airborne particles are removed so you can enjoy fresh, clean air.

Save energy and money with ECO mode running during air conditioning.

In addition, with the free Bosch HomeCom Easy application, air conditioning the home is really simple.


Technical characteristics Bosch Climate 5000i:
Technical characteristics Bosch Climate 5000i

Air conditioner Bosch Climate 6000i

The Bosch Climate 6000i air conditioner, the top model in the range, includes high-quality features such as the presence controller or filter and ionizer technology to enjoy clean and fresh air.

High efficiency: A+++ in cooling mode and A++ in heating mode, this powerful equipment offers high efficiency values in cooling and heating modes. This increases comfort and reduces energy costs at the same time.

Always connected with the free app Bosch Homecom Easy air conditioning the home is really easy.


Technical characteristics Bosch Climate 6000i:
Technical characteristics Bosch Climate 6000i