If you are thinking about changing your water heater and have no need to install heating in your house in JAG Alcaide we can offer you the water heaters that will adapt more to your particular needs.

We can help you decide between different varieties of heaters, depending on their heating capacity, their way of evacuating the gases that are produced inside the water heater while it’s working, and the ignition type that you require.

Our favorite brand of water heaters is Junkers, since not only they save a lot of space because of their small size, but they also offer higher power and performance than the old water heaters, allowing the water to be heated depending on the particular needs of your house.

We will help you on choosing the most appropriate water heater for your house. We will take in account different characteristics that might be very important for the selection of your water heater: the amount of people who live in the house, the amount of water you usually consume, the amount of taps that are installed in your house or the number of rooms that you have.

Do not hesitate to consult our offers, since this year, and while there’s stock left, we offer the best price of Barcelona for Junkers and Neckar water heaters.