When it comes to warming up your house, local or office you can find different solutions in order to answer your energy efficiency requests and savings. In order to do that, in JAG Alcaide you’ll find the right people that will give you the best advices so you can find the solution that fits your particular circumstances the most. If you put your trust on us you’ll also find a team of experts that has been installing heating systems for more than 40 years.

Heating installations will be designed taking into account both technical criteria and your feedback regarding the operational temperature you want to have in your home or the location of radiators for aesthetic reasons. We will always discuss with the client the pros / cons of the various locations raised, always reasoning with technical arguments in order to agree on which the best solution is.

Our heating installations are always made with quality materials (all pipes are copper, no plastic), and we will hide the pipes as much as we can, so they remain almost unseen. Also, if the customer wishes, we can offer other types of design radiators in order to make the heating installations look more attractive.

Our installations always follow the guidelines set by the Regulation of Thermal Installations (RITE RD2013) and so do our calculations, which result from the values ​​set by the heating power regulation. We will also calculate the required heating power room by room, never by doing a uniform calculation for all room. Aspects such as the inner walls / Outdoor walls, the housing position within the building, the geographical orientation of the building rooms will always be taken into account (which rooms are north etc.).

Also, in case you want to make a new heating system installation where it never existed before, we will give you an advice regarding which one is the boiler that better suits the characteristics of your home. Not only will we consider the square footage of the flat, but also the heating output of the radiators that need to be installed, and the demand for HSW (hot sanitary water) that the flat requires.

In the following tabs you can see the main options we offer you.

The main options that we offer you