One of the brands we currently work with is the Italian brand Fondital, due to the good benefits its products offer. Its GAZZELLE TECHNO range includes models of different power and design, from natural draft to premix devices, all with a watertight chamber. Modern design with soft and simple lines, compact, made of quality materials, to adapt to any type of decoration, giving elegance to the environment.

The simplicity of installation (does not require major modifications of the pre-existing systems or of the masonry structure), ease of use and safety are the intrinsic characteristics of the GAZELLE TECHNO range.

Gazelle Techno 2200 model

Convective gas stove with sealed chamber, natural draft, with pilot flame and safety device with thermocouple, which does not require an electric current to operate.

Gazelle Techno Classic model

Gazelle Techno Classic model

Convective gas stove that associates the traditional combustion system with an atmospheric burner to the advanced construction and electronic management system characteristic of the entire range.

Model Gazelle Techno Classic

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