Electric boilers

In JAG Alcaide we offer different ranges and electric boilers programs with different capacities: From 15 to 500L.

Electric boilers are perfect for places where the periods of use are not uniform, such as holiday apartments, town houses … and they also have great advantages such as having a thermostat that regulates its temperature, their simple installation and the protection they held against corrosion.

We actually offer digital and analog electric boilers and will help you choose the one that suits your use and needs more.
We work, among others, with Junkers, Fleck, Neckar and Ariston electric boiler brands.
We have a large experience with the installation of electric boilers, since, for example, we’ve installed most of the ones that can be used in BSM public parkings in Barcelona.

electric boilers electric boilers2
Junkers Elacell electric boiler Junkers Elacell Smart electric boiler
Available for capacities between 35 and 100l With capacities up to 200l.

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