Another of our main areas of intervention doing vertical works in Barcelona.

We carry out all kinds of interventions that require them, always using the required personal protective equipment (EPIS), and the work equipment necessary for the intervention to be carried out, lifelines, anchorages, etc.

We carry out vertical works in Barcelona consisting of:

  • Installing protection canals for air conditioning refrigeration pipes from your home to the building’s roof. For this we normally use white UNEX gutter, PVC tube or metal protection as required.

  • Carry out new community gas pipes, from the street to the rooftop, and once the gas battery has been placed there, we carry out all installations up to each of the homes, placing individual cutting keys.

  • Replacement of old downspouts with new PVC downspouts with a diameter appropriate to the needs.

  • Installation of smoke extraction tubes for kitchens and bathrooms, normally using helical sheet metal tubes, anti-return gates and a rotating cap.

  • Community electrical installations when individual shunts run through inner galleries, taking steps to place junction boxes with fuses in the interior of the building.

  • Community water installations with multilayer pipes, from the battery located on the ground floor of the building, to each of the homes, the installation proceeding through the interior courtyard.

If you are interested in making an installation that requires vertical work in Barcelona, do not hesitate to contact us, we will advise you and we will make a budget without compromise.