Boilers and water heaters maintenance

In JAG Alcaide we know how important it is to keep your water boiler or heater in the best conditions to work, in order to avoid having an excessive energy waste, a bad performance or too much polluting emissions. When the boiler or heater isn’t being taken care of it may even cost the costumer money, by wasting unnecessary energy, and in the worst cases it may also affect the customers’ safety.

In order to avoid this from happening, we offer you the chance to sign a maintenance contract with us, putting your heater or water boiler in the hands of our experts, who will offer you the best possible service. We know by accepting this contract you’re placing your trust on us and we will try our best to offer you a great service. The following services are the ones included in our maintenance contract:

  • An annual visit in which the appliance will be reviewed, cleaned, verified, operated and tuned.
  • The client will be provided with a mandatory maintenance certificate according to RITE RD238 / 2013.
  • A combustion ticket will be made with a Testo machine calibrated according to the proper functioning of the appliance.
  • The heating installation will be checked, purging it if necessary.
    Other gas appliances will also be reviewed, as well as kitchen maximums and minimums, etc.
  • All labor and travel are included in breakdowns that arise during the year.
    An emergency service is also included during the winter period.

For only € 80 + VAT per year.

But what’s the real utility of having a maintenance contract with JAG Alcaide?

  • In the first place the safety of having your boiler or water heater in good hands. Being us an independent company, not depending from any big firm, we can’t make the misstake of not solving peoples problems, that’s why our technicians have a lot of training and great experience as technical service and can fix any problem your boiler has.
  • In second place, knowing that if something happens to your boiler, you’ll have a technical service that will be able to fix the problem and do it as fast as possible. 90% of times we leave the boiler working, even if the solutions are provisional.
  • In third place, the lugar, the uarantee that your boiler will be running on its top conditions, with the less possible gas consumption and the best performance that it can offer. This is obtained in the annual revision where the technical service will regulate all the boiler and will provide the client with a combistion ticket in order to proof the boilers condition.
  • In the last place, the knowledge of being following the legal regulations, which require the flat owner to have a maintenance certificate.

If you need more information do not hesitate to call us and we will try to answer all your possible questions.

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