If you wish to make a new water installation, to renew the one you already have so that it adapts to the new laws or to change your water heater or electric boiler, in JAG Alcaide we can offer you solutions that will help you obtain the best energy efficiency. By choosing us you’ll also be sure your installation fulfills all the legal requirements since we will provide all the needed documentation.

Water Heaters

If you are thinking about changing your water heater and have no need to install heating in your house in JAG Alcaide we can offer you the water heaters that will adapt more to your particular needs.

We can help you decide between different varieties of heaters, depending on their heating capacity, their way of evacuating the gases that are produced inside the water heater while it’s working, and the ignition type that you require.

Our favorite brand of water heaters is Junkers, since not only they save a lot of space because of their small size, but they also offer higher power and performance than the old water heaters, allowing the water to be heated depending on the particular needs of your house.

We will help you on choosing the most appropriate water heater for your house. We will take in account different characteristics that might be very important for the selection of your water heater: the amount of people who live in the house, the amount of water you usually consume, the amount of taps that are installed in your house or the number of rooms that you have.

Do not hesitate to consult our offers, since this year, and while there’s stock left, we offer the best price of Barcelona for Junkers and Neckar water heaters.

Electric boilers

In JAG Alcaide we offer different ranges and electric boilers programs with different capacities: From 15 to 500L.

Electric boilers are perfect for places where the periods of use are not uniform, such as holiday apartments, town houses … and they also have great advantages such as having a thermostat that regulates its temperature, their simple installation and the protection they held against corrosion.

We actually offer digital and analog electric boilers and will help you choose the one that suits your use and needs more.
We work, among others, with Junkers, Fleck, Neckar and Ariston electric boiler brands.
We have a large experience with the installation of electric boilers, since, for example, we’ve installed most of the ones that can be used in BSM public parkings in Barcelona.

electric boilers electric boilers2
Junkers Elacell electric boiler Junkers Elacell Smart electric boiler
Available for capacities between 35 and 100l With capacities up to 200l.

Reverse osmosis

Are you aware of the impurities that can be found in the water you consume daily?

Although the water that reaches our homes is supposed to be purified, everyday it is more contaminated by waste coming from domestic, agricultural and industrial sources. In addition it gets even more contaminated in the water distribution pipes that bring the water to our places, this is why generally, the more closer a house is to the sea the more contaminated the water is.

Do you want to consume high quality water, even with lower dry residue than the bottled water?

We recommend you to try our reverse osmosis system. We offer ourselves to visit the place where you are interested in getting the water tested. Once we get there we will check, in front of you, the level of quality that the water reaching your place has. We will use different testing systems including a dry residue measurer.

What is reverse osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis is a system that consists on reversing the natural flow of osmosis. In the water purification system, the goal is to dilute the salt solution while separating also pure water from salt and other contaminants.

When the natural flow reverses, the water of the salt solution is forced to pass through the membrane in the opposite direction by applying pressure. Through this process we are able to produce pure water by removing the salt and other contaminants.

The reverse osmosis membrane has a pore size much smaller than the size of a bacterium or a parasite. When working properly it will remove all microorganisms from the water that goes through the pipe, producing sterile water.

Our reverse osmosis machine

The equipment we offer has 5 stages and offers the following features:

• Production: 50 – 75 GPD (depending on model)
• Standard 6 liter tank. NFS
• Chrome faucet with ceramic disc long range.
• Pipe ¼ “to connect the system.
• Aquastop (optional).
• Quality control system.
• Polypropylene Filter: 1 unit.
• GAC Carbon Filter: 2 units.
• Post-Carb-on filter: 1 unit.
• Unit Weight: 13 kg

Set dimensions: 430 x 240 x 440 mm

Y todo el equipo completo, instalado y con IVA incluido por únicamente 590€ financiado al 0% de intereses.

This reverse osmosis system, all completely installed and IVA included will cost you now only 590€ financed at 0% interest.

* This is actually 49.17€ per month or € 1.62 per day during the first year. A great investment considering that this osmosis system will allow you to consume high quality water at all times, even for cooking or preparing tea and coffee.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to solve all your possible questions.

General water installations

We make all kind of water installations, highlighting the followings:

  • Water installations in buildings with water delivered by deposits, removing them once the new installation is completed.
  • Installations of water meters batteries.

This whole process includes all the necessary civil work and all the documents that the modifications require.

We also make water installations with copper tube or pipe REHAU crosslinked polyethylene for all types of homes or flats.

water meters batterieswater meters batteries 2

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