Air conditioning

We specialize in the installation of air conditioning, both cooling split and heat pumps, using the most reliable and silent brand in the market: MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC (They cool, heat but they don’t dry).

The 2010 spring brought us the new Junkers air conditioning splits, which can now be found inside the A type of energy efficiency classification.

This new Junkers splits give customers great quality together with very silent machines. This allows us to recommend them to all of our clients.
If what you need are mounting accessories, we will try to offer you the best solutions so they fit your particular requirements.

Air conditioner Mitsubishi

If we talk about air conditioning brands that offer the highest quality, energy efficiency, solutions to various problems that may arise, cutting-edge technology, etc., immediately the Mitsubishi Electric brand is one of the reference brands that comes to mind . The long history of this brand as an air conditioning manufacturer together with its high quality standards have made it a benchmark in the air conditioning market. It also has an excellent technical service that will take care of all the unforeseen events that may arise after installation.

When choosing an appliance, it is essential to consider which brand is responsible for its manufacture. Choosing cheap brands can pose huge problems, ranging from devices that cool very little to very noisy and inefficient devices. Another basic difference between quality brands and brands that only seek to present an economical price is the aspect of the after-sales. Who wants an air conditioner that at the slightest failure that appears leads to the entire machine having to be replaced? Most brands that prioritize price over quality have inefficient and even non-existent after-sales services.

In J.A.G. Alcaide we have always prioritized quality: we are committed to efficient machines, manufactured with the latest technology and for which we as a company can then take responsibility, thus offering the best possible service to the customer.

The quality and variety of models that Mitsubishi offers us will allow you to exactly adjust your needs to your investment. An investment in quality of life, in economic tranquility, having a team with unbeatable energy efficiency, and in confidence with the technical and maintenance service of both the brand and J.A.G. Warden that any unforeseen event would be resolved as soon as possible. If there is one.

Consult the characteristics and prices of our Mitsubishi air conditioners and in case of doubt, contact us without obligation.

Junkers Splits

Gama Junkers Excellence-E and Gama Junkers Comfort-E

Below, we’re going to describe the information regarding the offered models, together with their characteristics.

Mono splits 1 x1

They are normally used in order to heat/cool a single room. They consist of a condensing machine located on the outside and an inside Split, which is used to heat/cool the room. Junkers offers two kinds of mono split, both types follow the new European energy classification and can be classified on one of the highest steps, the class A (Ecodesign 2009/125/CE).

Gama excellence and Gama comfort
Between the two kinds we can find the following similarities:

They both look much alike. Both have models with the same power: 2,6kW, 3,5kW, 5,3kW, and 6,5 KW. If the room you want to heat/cool is big you will need a machine with bigger power than the one used to cool/heat a small room. Both 2,6 and 3,5KW machines are classified inside the A++ /A+ energy classification. Other machines can be found inside the A+/A categories.

They both also have incorporated the DC inverter technology. This technology makes sure the compressor machine only starts and stops when it’s really needed, and also helps air go out in a uniform way. This technology guarantees the highest energy efficiency while maximizing energy saves.

Both also share some other features such as intelligent frost protection, antifreeze and automatic reset protection, night mode which makes sure ambient temperature stays the same during night time, self cleaning function, swing function which allows a better air distribution by moving the air outlet grill, the fault diagnosis function and the turbo mode.


All Junkers machines share also the next five functioning modes:

  • The auto mode, switches automatically between heat and cool modes, by noticing if the temperature is above or below the set point.
  • The cool mode, which allows regulating the fan speed in order to reach the desired temperature.
  • The heat mode, which also allows regulating the fan speed in order to reach the desired temperature.
  • The fan mode, allowing us to choose between different fan speed without turning on the exterior unit.
  • Dehumidification mode, if ambient temperature is higher than the set point, the Split will work on cool mode with auto fan, if ambient temperature is placed lower than the set point the start and stop compressor period and the fan will turn into a fixed repetition cycle, taking in count the difference between ambient temperature and its set point.

Both kinds of machines have also some differential traits:

Excellence kind consumes less than Comfort when it comes to automatic, heat and cool modes.

The sound power and sound pressure from Excellence inside Splits is lower than on Comfort ones.

Any other information you might need or wish to know about the technical features involving both kinds of 1×1 Mono splits, prices, or if you’re interested on us making a free quote for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll be pleased to give you all the requested information.

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