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Air conditioner Mitsubishi MSZ-AY42VGK

1.920,00 iva incluido



Price: 1960€ VAT and installation up to 5m included.

Savings and performance for your home

The MSZ-AY42VGK series offers the best balance between performance and savings. Its energy efficiency rating of A+++ in both cool and heat modes ensures significant energy savings, preventing surprises on your electricity bill. 

The main features of the MSZ-AY42VGK series are:

High-efficiency renewable energy for maximum savings

The MSZ-AY42VGK series has the highest energy efficiency rating: A+++ in SEER and SCOP of A++. These efficiency ranges ensure maximum performance with minimum electrical consumption during the hottest days of summer or the coldest days of winter. Heat pump technology is considered a renewable energy source because it does not require any fossil fuels. Ideal for replacing traditional heating systems like boilers.


Ultra-silent mode of only 18dB (A)

The MSZ-AY42VGK offers the silent mode that contributes to better rest. The unit adjusts its operation to provide maximum comfort with a noise level of only 18dB(A), which is lower than the sound of leaves falling.


Integrated WiFi control as standard

The MELCloud WiFi control allows you to control the air conditioning unit through any Smartphone, Tablet, or PC, and is integrated into the unit as standard. In addition to controlling the unit, MELCloud provides electrical consumption information through the App so that you can always know your electrical consumption.


Heat pump with exterior temperature of -20Cº

The unit contributes to better indoor air quality thanks to Mitsubishi Electric’s exclusive compressor technology, ensuring the heat pump operates down to -20ºC exterior temperature.

Self-cleaning mode for maximum efficiency and savings

The MSZ-AY42VGK series has a self-cleaning mode that dries and cleans the interior of the unit, preventing bad odors, mold, and dust buildup. This ensures maximum efficiency and savings, as well as clean air free of impurities.


Replace Technology

The replace technology, exclusive to Mitsubishi Electric, allows replacing old air conditioning units, regardless of the brand, using the existing installation after cleaning it with nitrogen. In this way, installation is easier and faster and the environment is respected by avoiding waste generation.

Electricity saving

Thanks to its A+++ energy efficiency, the MSP-AY50VGK helps you enjoy your air conditioning without having to worry about the electricity bill.

Below we attach the table of characteristics of the MSZ-AY42VGK:


Additional information

Energy efficiency


Sound level (dB)





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