68 years of experience installing Junkers and Neckar boilers.

At JAG Alcaide we have been since 1952 installing exclusively Junkers and Neckar boilers (Junkers’ second brand) in Barcelona and the Metropolitan Area. The reasons that have led us to follow this path range from the magnificent results that the boilers of this German manufacturer (Bosch Group) always give to the fact of sharing much of the mission and vision of our company with Junkers.

It is essential for a company to know that it always offers the customer the best products on the market. Products with the latest technology, the highest yields on the market and the assurance that the customer will have all their expectations met. The fact of having been Junkers boiler installers for so many years in Barcelona allows us to be a leading company with its products, being able to always offer the latest solutions and thoroughly knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each of its models.

Our technicians are able to fully advise the client, helping them to choose the one that best suits the needs and requirements of their home from the Junkers boiler models. To be able to advise you correctly, all the variables that affect an installation are taken into account; from square meters of the house to the number of radiators, also taking into account the number of bathrooms, the simultaneous use, the diameter of the pipes, etc ,.