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Junkers Bosch C4300i W 24/25

1.750,00 iva incluido



Junkers Bosch

C4300i W 24/25 

Model C4300i

Price: 1750€ (Installation and VAT included).


Manufacturer: Junkers Bosch.

Type: Condensation adapted to Erp regulations.

Power: 25kW in hot water, 24kW in heating.

Energy  rating: A in ACS (XL) and A in heating.

Electronics: HMI 300 from Bosch

Dimensions ((Height, width, depth)710 x 400 x 300


Great efficiency and optimal design. The same ease of installation with fully digital controls.

Do you want to know what’s new with the new Junkers Bosch C4300i W 24/25 boiler?

The new Junkers Bosch C4300i W 24/25 boiler is a contribution to energy efficiency and evolution towards improved design, while maintaining minimum dimensions.

Micro accumulation system, which will allow us to obtain the greatest comfort in hot water, means that there are short waiting times for the use of hot water and greater temperature stability even if demand changes. The Junkers Bosch C4300i W 24/25, with up to 94% efficiency, allows you to achieve a classification of A+ in combination with Junkers Bosch controllers.

In addition to easy navigation through the menus, the new HMI300 electronics achieve optimal adjustment for better performance. All of this is visible, thanks to the large multi-function display with icons and text messages that allow you to know the status of the boiler. 

And we also give you a Bosch KCR110 RF modulating thermostat for free!

With the purchase of your Junkers Bosch C4300i W 24/25 boiler, we give you the Junkers Bosch KCR110 RF thermostat for free: Modulating thermostat, digital programmer, and wireless (list price 183€+VAT)



 In the following video we explain the great importance of installing the KCR110 RF with your Junkers Bosch C4300i W 24/25 condensing boiler:


At a glance

  • 94% efficiency and the possibility of reaching A+ in combination with modulating controllers
  • Reduced dimensions and extra mounting frame
  • Mixed and heating-only versions
  • Exclusive Bosch design with white metal front with bezel



Easy replacement

Maintaining the dimensions and arrangement of hydraulic connections between the old and new models is the basis for a good result. The Condens 4300i W boiler meets this requirement and it is possible to take advantage of the existing hydraulic configuration of Junkers models from the Cerapur and Cerapur Comfort ranges.

Reduced dimensions

Its reduced dimensions stand out, as well as simple and accessible electronic connections without opening the casing, as it has a sturdy mechanism that allows the boiler to be installed inside or between kitchen cabinets.

Comfort in hot water

The new operating system allows us to obtain the greatest comfort in hot water, guaranteeing short waiting times for the use of hot water and greater temperature stability even if there is demand changes.

Integrated control

The Bosch HMI 300 control unit stands out for its intuitive navigation with extensive information through descriptive text. The possibility of combining the Condens 4300i W boiler with wireless thermostats makes it easy to connect to Bosch controllers, as well as being able to remotely control the boiler through the Bosch Easy Control App.



Why choose JAG Alcaide to install your  Junkers Bosch C4300i W 24/25 boiler?

  1. We have been installing Junkers Bosch only for more than 60 years, so we know all the secrets of the brand and can react quickly and effectively in case any inconvenience arises during the installation.
  2.  Because we are committed in all cases to leave your boiler functioning perfectly after the installation.
  3. We offer telephone and physical advice for any questions that the customer may have (at our offices in the Gracia neighborhood).
  4. Because we are committed to managing the guarantees ourselves and intervening in any problem that arises with the boiler in the next 24 hours.
  5. Because it is our vocation of service and our focus on the customer that has allowed us to carry more than 70 years of experience on our backs.
  6. And finally, because our service includes all of the following:
    1.  Removal of the old boiler and taking it to a recycling point.
    2.  Adaptation of the hot water, cold water, heating input and return and gas circuits to the new measures and characteristics of the Junkers Bosch C4300i W 24/25 boiler.
    3. Connection of the boiler’s condensate drain to the existing drain at the location where it will be installed.
    4. Installation of the smoke outlet including a 0.8m kit and a 90º elbow. If more smoke outlet is needed, only the material will be invoiced, not the labor.
    5. Start-up of the Junkers Bosch C4300i W 24/25 by a technician from our SAT and one year of free maintenance. In this start-up, in addition to checking that the boiler is combusting correctly, the customer will be provided with a certificate of mandatory maintenance according to ITE 3 of the thermal installation regulations (RITE).



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