Mitsubishi HR series air conditioner

The new MSZ-HR series completes the new R32 range from Mitsubishi Electric with the aim of covering the segment of consumers who seek maximum efficiency and reliability from Mitsubishi Electric at the best price.

The HR offers a very low noise level of only 21dB and an A ++ efficiency that ensures maximum performance with low consumption, avoiding surprises in the electricity bill.


Excellent price / quality ratio

More efficient and more environmentally friendly.

The most advanced Japanese Mitsubishi Electric compressor technology offers an energy rating of A ++.

In addition, the low refrigerant charge required and the low PCA of refrigerant gas R32 makes it more environmentally friendly.

Clean and neat design

The clean and slightly wavy front panel gives the MSZ-HR a personal and careful design that allows it to blend into any space. In addition, its super compact dimensions allow easy and simple installation in any space.

New remote control easy and intuitive to use.

The new remote control allows you to have maximum control of the unit at your fingertips in a simple and intuitive way allowing you to adapt the unit to your needs at all times.

Remote control and Wi-Fi control

The new MSZ-HR series features a modern design remote control that allows easy access to all control functions. In addition, it also supports WiFi control via MELCloud (requires MAC-567-IFE interface).

Econo Cool Mode

Econo Cool mode is an intelligent temperature control function that adjusts the amount of air directed to the body based on the air outlet temperature.

In this way, the unit can readjust the temperature up to 2oC without loss of comfort and improving energy efficiency by 20%.