Mitsubishi PRO Series MGPEZ Air Conditioner

This series offers a very reduced height of only 250mm, which together with other advanced features such as static pressure of up to 150Pa and the included drain pump, facilitate its installation and offer maximum adaptability to any room.

Main features

Low noise level

The design of the series has significantly reduced its noise levels (from just 26dB), making it a silent range that offers maximum comfort in every installation.

High static pressure

The wide range of static pressure available, being able to establish up to 5 different ranges with a maximum of 150Pa, allow the use of long ducts to be able to adapt to the specific needs of each installation.

Return air flexibility

The Mitsubishi Electric MGPEZ-71VJA duct machine allows placement of the air return at the rear or bottom of the unit, providing great flexibility in installation.

Remote control and WIFI adapter

The Mitsubishi Electric machine can be combined with the PAR40MAA centralized control knob with weekly programmer. In addition, using the external accessory MAC-567IF, the indoor unit can be controlled through the Melcloud application, allowing the air to be turned on / off (among many other functions) from the Smartphone, tablet or computer.