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Junkers ZWBE 25-3C CerapurComfort

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CerapurComfort range

Price: 1580€ Installation and VAT included.


Brand: Junkers, Bosch Group.

Kind: Erp Condensing boilers.

Power: 25kW in both heating and hot water.

Energy rating: A in ACS (XL) and A in heating.

Measurement (Height x Width x Depth mm.): 710 x 400 x 330.

High efficiency and optimum design. The same ease of installation with fully digital controls.

But what are the new features the Junkers ZWBE25-3C offers?

The new Junkers condensing boiler CerapurComfort ZWBE25-3C is a contribution to energy efficiency and a move towards an improved design, keeping the minimum dimensions.

The Junkers ZWBE25-3C Micro accumulation system helps producing the greatest comfort in hot water, as it keeps heating the water regularly so when the hot water demand happens, the water is already warm. The CerapurComfort, with up to 94% performance, allows you to achieve an A+ energy rating when working in combination with Junkers drivers.

Besides easy navigation through menus, new electronics Heatronic i are perfect in order to get a better performance. Thanks to the large multifunction display with icons and text messages you’ll be able to know regularly what’s happening to the boiler.

Do you want to know whats the Erp Directive? Junkers explains it in the following video:


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