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New series of Mitsubishi air conditioning: MSZ-AP25VG (K), MSZ-AP35VG (K) and MSZ-AP42VG (K)

Mitsubishi Electric Barcelona air conditioning: New series MSZ-AP25VG (K), MSZ-AP35VG (K) and MSZ-AP42VG (K) At JAG Alcaide as an expert company in Mitsubishi Electric Barcelona air conditioning installations, we are always expecting to be able to introduce news from the manufacturer, this is why we take the time to present you the new series of […]

Barcelonas Home automation – The house of the future.

We in J.A.G. Alcaide are well aware of how much importance has opening new paths and adapting to new concerns that people have nowadays. For this reason we want to start focusing on new areas such as home automation, which are expected to have a basic role in the structure of future homes. Many people […]


Condensing boilers reality

Now that they’re about to release the new law that prevents the installation of the so called “conventional boilers”, there’s every day more customers passing by our offices to ask the same questions: “What is a condensing boiler?” ”What’s the difference between this boilers and a normal boiler?” For this reason, in this text we’ve […]

Replacing gas installation

This week we’ve been handling the renovation of the gas community installation in a building located on Valencia Street, Barcelona. The owners of several flats inside the building decided it was about time to replace the old lead gas system in order to adapt it to the new regulations by performing a new copper gas […]

Reactive power: The importance of correcting the power factor.

Have you ever heard the term “reactive power”? Have you ever found it reflected on your electric bill as Euros? In this post we want to clearly explain what the power factor is, the reasons why electric companies penalize customers when this factor is too low, and how to correct it. In order to understand […]