Wall mounted gas heaters

The advantages of the wall mounted gas heaters are that they are very easy to install compared to the normal water heating systems and, if you want to increase the number of radiators in the future, you won’t find any problems with doing so.

Thanks to their working system, each of the installed radiators can be controlled independently, this way you’ll be able to keep working only the ones you’re going to use, while the ones you’re not using will stay turned off, meaning you won’t be spending any energy you don’t require.

Some of the many advantages of wall mounted gas heaters are their integrated thermostatic control, low power consumption and easy installation.

As you will be able to read in the two pages where we explain the different brands of wall mounted gas heaters that we work with, there are different models with different characteristics. Among these models, you can find the ones that have no electronic ignition nor forced draft fan, so they require no electricity power. When it comes to these models you’ll only need a gas pipe and a flue kit in order to get the fumes out. On the other side there’s the radiators that have a fan incorporated in order to help expulse the fumes out, and they have also electronic ignition. These ones do require electrical installation.

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