In our daily boilers and heaters fixing service, we see everyday more and more customers that are unhappy about the performance of their boiler, the quantity of gas that it uses daily, way more than they expected when the boiler was installed. In the worst cases those customers already come when the problem is too big to be fixed, and they end up having to change their boiler. Most of these problems however could have been avoided if they had arranged a boilers maintenance service.

Leaving aside legal issues or the fact that manufacturers always recommend performing annual maintenance for the boilers, periodic maintenance carries many advantages. For instance it is very important to regulate the boiler every year, this way it uses only the gas that’s needed, avoiding gas wasting and usually providing a much better performance. A boiler that hasn’t been regulated for a long time can spend a lot more gas than is required. If the boiler has been also cleaned every year it can have less energy consume, also improved performance and a lot less problems that might end up with the boiler not working at all.

Moreover, having a maintenance contract for the boiler gives customers a security feeling, since whenever they have a problem with it, they know by calling our phone number we will be there to take care of it without any charge.

You can see bellow some pictures of a boiler inside before and after cleaning it:

boiler control

Burner before

boiler installation

Burner after

boiler review

Boiler before

boiler maintenance

Boiler after