Mitsubishi Electric Barcelona air conditioning: New series MSZ-AP25VG (K), MSZ-AP35VG (K) and MSZ-AP42VG (K)

At JAG Alcaide as an expert company in Mitsubishi Electric Barcelona air conditioning installations, we are always expecting to be able to introduce news from the manufacturer, this is why we take the time to present you the new series of Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP (K) air conditioning.

This series is a modification of the existing MSZ-AP. It is available on all models except the MSZ-AP20VG set. Therefore, starting this summer, Mitsubishi Electric Barcelona begins to market the air conditioning models MSZ-AP25VG (K), MSZ-AP35VG (K), MSZ-AP42VG (K), MSZ-AP50VG (K), MSZ -AP60VG (K) and MSZ-AP71VG (K).

The main difference that this series presents is the incorporation of WIFI control for air conditioning devices, that is, from now on the models MSZ-AP25VG (K), MSZ-AP35VG (K), MSZ-AP42VG (K), among others, can be controlled by WIFI remotely through the Mitsubishi Electric Melcloud application.

This difference allows users to be able to turn the splits on and off when they are away from home, to achieve the necessary comfort and not have to wait to get home for the climate device to start cooling / heating. This function now incorporated into the MSZ-AP25VG (K), MSZ-AP35VG (K), MSZ-AP42VG (K), among others, was previously available through an external accessory MAC-567-IF-E, so what Mitsubishi Electric Barcelona has tried to achieve is reducing costs and simplifying installation.

In this way, Mitsubishi Electric Barcelona shows its commitment to new technologies, understanding that customers increasingly use Smartphones, and makes available all the technology to facilitate the handling of their devices and allow users to enjoy the best comfort at their home.

The Mitsubishi Electric Barcelona air conditioning also continues to retain the characteristics that made the AP series one of the most interesting in terms of value for money: It is the quietest range and in its lower powers (MSZ-AP20VG, MSZ-AP25VG (K ), MSZ-AP35VG (K)) continues to display A +++ energy labels.

We attach below the characteristics table of the MSZ-AP20VG, MSZ-AP25VG (K), MSZ-AP35VG (K), MSZ-AP42VG (K), MSZ-AP50VG (K), MSZ-AP60VG (K) and MSZ -AP71VG (K):

If you are interested in installing one of these air conditioners in your home, do not hesitate to contact us at 932185847. In JAG Alcaide, as expert installers of air conditioning Mitsubishi Electric Barcelona, we will advise you in the best possible way.

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