Who we are

JAGALCAIDE, your all life installers.

60 years at your service as installers of air conditioning and heating in Barcelona.


The activity of our company, which has a familiar origin, dates back to 1952. We started in a small workshop of 8 m², located in the district of Gracia in Barcelona, with only 2 people working as a staff.

All these years of work and dedication to service have led us, nowadays, to expand our office and warehouse covering over 200 m², also located in the heart of Gràcia.

From our start to the present, our first goal has always been achieving complete customer satisfaction, by providing always the highest quality products and services regarding air conditioning, heating, general electricity services, gas and plumbing. Moreover, one of our more distinctive traits is the direct and personalized service always offered by the professionals working in our company towards our clients, providing always the most appropriate solutions to their needs together with the most competitive prices of this industry.

In J.A.G. Alcaide S.L., we have focused our activities towards two main areas: On the one hand, the area committed to all kinds of installations, and on the other hand the part of the company dedicated to technical service and maintenance contracts for air conditioning and heating.

We have several licenses that prove our skills and well doing in this industry and that allow us to do any kind of work you want us to do. These licenses include: The electricity specialist card, the gas installations A card, the water installations card, the heating, hot sanitary water and air conditionings specialists maintenance cards. We also possess the oil installations card (IP-1) and the telecommunications installers one.

Solutions in energy savings and efficiency

In J.A.G. Alcaide S.L., the customer always comes first. We are proud to say that with our commitment to our customers we’ve been able to get them to trust us completely and to make them know that their installations are always on the best hands.

Another of our main goals is to provide solutions according to the latest and most innovative existing trends, like energy savings and energy efficiency, and that is why we participate as active partners in all the campaigns promoted by ICAEN.

Our relationship with Junkers

It is actually very difficult to understand our history without mentioning the partner with whom we’ve shared most of it: Junkers. Our History with Junkers is not just limited to trade issues, it goes way further, since we share lots of their values, like for example the focus on our customers or the concern for the environment. This close relationship has been forged over many years and has led us to have great confidence in their products, and to work with them whenever is possible, either as installers or as technical service.

Mission, vision and values


In JAG Alcaide we’ve always given great importance to following very clear values. We’ve always looked forward to being evaluated and differentiated by our way of working. To differentiate from the rest, we followed some values from the beginning of our history, over 60 years ago, who have accompanied us all the way, and are still our reason to move on and the reason why more and more clients place their trust in us every day. After so many years, we still feel in debt with the customers who put their confidence on us, and even after so many years, we still feel that there’s no greater reward than their satisfaction. Among the values that define us we can find sincerity, hard work and the importance we place on relations with customers.


To provide our clients with the most appropriate solutions to the particular problems that surrounds them, in order to guarantee the comfort they require. To offer a high quality assessment and service while being respectful with the environment.


To be a company that always innovates and that adapts to changing circumstances. Being mainly a company of its customers, a company in which they can place their trust and a company that will always bring them the best solutions to their problems.










We work with trust

For more than 30 years we’ve been working with Junkers approval and trust. They have actually been supporting us during all this time with our technical and business development. We offer the best materials available in the market for the installation of heating and air conditioning in Barcelona. In order to prove this, we have the accreditation of Junkers and Roca for maintenance and fixing of their boilers and heaters. Our long experience on the field of gas installation, air conditioning and heating results in more than 50 years of belonging to GIB (Gremi d’instal·ladors de Barcelona), which guarantees our good working practice, training and professionalism .

Technical Service

Our commitment to customers leads us to keeping the relationship with them further away than just the installation of our products, but also to start a relation based in trust in which they’ll be able to place their problems on the right hands when they need to be fixed.

In J.A.G. Alcaide SL we offer, since the day we started more than 60 years ago, an integral service on the field of the air conditioning and heating. We also offer our clients a technical service for their heaters and boilers in order to provide them with a longer life, making them offer the highest performance and also getting them to contaminate the environment less.

Fixing service

Technical assistance for all kind of troubles with your boiler or heater, or with your electricity, water and air conditioning installations.

Maintenance contracts

We offer the chance to sign a maintenance contract in order to make sure that your boiler, heater or air conditioning will stay in the best conditions. This contract includes the obligatory annual revision for heaters.

Energetic efficiency

We can also take care of analyzing the electrical power that your installation requires and advise you in order to reduce your energy consume, and thus pay less every month.

“És una casa molt formal i seria, amb operaris molt responsables de la feina.”Maria RomeuClienta de tota la vida
“Jo sempre amb els Alcaide perquè no m’han fallat mai amb tots els apuros que he tingut a casa.”Maria MirClienta de sempre
“He probado muchos servicios pero nadie me ha respondido como Alcaide, gente de confianza y muy competentes en su trabajo.”Francisco SolerCliente de J.A. G. Alcaide
“Llamé a J.A.G. Alcaide para que me cambiaran la caldera en mi cocina recién hecha a pesar del miedo que tenía a que no quedara bien. El servicio fue excelente y no dudaré en llamarles en un futuro.”Alicia GarcíaCliente de J.A. G. Alcaide

C/ Torrent de L´Olla 129, 08012 Barcelona

Schedule: Monday – Friday from 8.00 to 13.00 h and from 15.30 h to 19h

Telephone: 93 218 58 47 – Fax: 93 415 89 75 – Whatsapp: 616 946 678




In J.A.G. Alcaide we consistently believe that our company belongs to our clients. At the end of the day, without the trust they place in us, going ahead wouldn’t be possible. This way of thinking has always led us to value their opinion a lot, to adapt towards it and to always take it into account. That’s why we’d appreciate a lot if you could take five minutes of your time to answer critically and constructively to the survey you will find on the link below. There is no better way to grow than by knowing the opinion of the ones who surround us and place their trust in us.

Thank you for your time