In JAG Alcaide we’ve recently decided to start giving the service that we’re supposed to once we joined the energy trading company “Fenienergia” as an associated partner. Fenienergia has some values and follows some ideals that we consider are really equal to the ones we’ve been following since the beginning of our company activities, 60 years ago.

There are a lot of things that make Fenienergia very different than all other energy trading companies, but there’s one that actually makes the difference: In Fenienergia the commercial agents and the shareholders are the installers. Yes, it’s us; the ones you’ve placed your trust on for so many years will now also be the ones you can come to asking for anything regarding your electricity bill, changes you want to make in it like lowering the power you’re paying for… This provides a great link between Fenienergia and customer s, as if you choose this company you’ll be able to say goodbye to the endless calls to random people who leave 6000km away from your place, you will also say goodbye to the minutes wasted listening to music… since it will be your trusted installer the one that will be taking care of all your needs and requests.

Since most of Fenienergia customers are installers companies customers also, one of the main concerns that this company has is providing an optimal service and a great support to all of its customers. For example, no penalty fine will be applied to the customers who decide to break their contract with Fenienergia. This shows how much trust we have on us, and how we’re sure that once you try us you won’t be able to leave us.

After having explained you what are the main traits of this company, we invite you to come by our place with your actual electric bill, and we will show you, by making a real time comparison, how it’s not only the service that is great but also the price.

If you live far away from us or you’re too busy to come over you may aswell send us your bill via website and we will send you the comparison as fast as we can. This comparison is obviously free.

For more information you can also visit the following website: