jagalcaidegas2For some months JAG Alcaide has been pressured by Gas Natural’s sales teams to push our customers in order to close electrical services contracts in the periodical visits to check the gas installations. Due to the inconvenient nature of such contracts to our customers; as many of them have complained about high monthly charges, JAG Alcaide has decided to end its partnership with Gas Natural.

Therefore, we would like to inform our customers that from January the 1st of 2013, JAG Alcaide does not perform any service for Gas Natural. However, we are proud to announce that JAG Alcaide offers exactly the same services through its Official Maintenance Service, which includes:

  •     24/5 Technical assistance
  •     Immediate telephone attention
  •     Emergency service in less than 3 hours
  •     Yearly maintenance contract (Compulsory in all houses with central heating, according to the RD1027/2007 law)

The cost of that service is 80 Euro + VAT, a highly competitive price, about 30 Euro below the price you pay to the Servigas. Moreover, JAG Alcaide offers the possibility of spreading the cost of your service during the whole year.

In the year 2013 JAG Alcaide’s will celebrate its 60th anniversary, thanks to the confidence of many customers like you, that is the main reason for us to go ahead with enthusiasm and the commitment to maintain the quality of our service.