Nueva serie MSZ-AP25VG(K), MSZ-AP35VG(K) y MSZ-AP42VG(K

Mitsubishi Electric Barcelona air conditioning: New series MSZ-AP25VG (K), MSZ-AP35VG (K) and MSZ-AP42VG (K)

At JAG Alcaide as an expert company in Mitsubishi Electric Barcelona air conditioning installations, we are always expecting to be able to introduce news from the manufacturer, this is why we take the time to present you the new series of Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP (K) air conditioning.

This series is a modification of the existing MSZ-AP. It is available on all models except the MSZ-AP20VG set. Therefore, starting this summer, Mitsubishi Electric Barcelona begins to market the air conditioning models MSZ-AP25VG (K), MSZ-AP35VG (K), MSZ-AP42VG (K), MSZ-AP50VG (K), MSZ -AP60VG (K) and MSZ-AP71VG (K).

The main difference that this series presents is the incorporation of WIFI control for air conditioning devices, that is, from now on the models MSZ-AP25VG (K), MSZ-AP35VG (K), MSZ-AP42VG (K), among others, can be controlled by WIFI remotely through the Mitsubishi Electric Melcloud application.

This difference allows users to be able to turn the splits on and off when they are away from home, to achieve the necessary comfort and not have to wait to get home for the climate device to start cooling / heating. This function now incorporated into the MSZ-AP25VG (K), MSZ-AP35VG (K), MSZ-AP42VG (K), among others, was previously available through an external accessory MAC-567-IF-E, so what Mitsubishi Electric Barcelona has tried to achieve is reducing costs and simplifying installation.

Nueva serie MSZ-AP25VG(K), MSZ-AP35VG(K) y MSZ-AP42VG(K

In this way, Mitsubishi Electric Barcelona shows its commitment to new technologies, understanding that customers increasingly use Smartphones, and makes available all the technology to facilitate the handling of their devices and allow users to enjoy the best comfort at their home.

The Mitsubishi Electric Barcelona air conditioning also continues to retain the characteristics that made the AP series one of the most interesting in terms of value for money: It is the quietest range and in its lower powers (MSZ-AP20VG, MSZ-AP25VG (K ), MSZ-AP35VG (K)) continues to display A +++ energy labels.

We attach below the characteristics table of the MSZ-AP20VG, MSZ-AP25VG (K), MSZ-AP35VG (K), MSZ-AP42VG (K), MSZ-AP50VG (K), MSZ-AP60VG (K) and MSZ -AP71VG (K):

Nueva serie MSZ-AP25VG(K), MSZ-AP35VG(K) y MSZ-AP42VG(K

If you are interested in installing one of these air conditioners in your home, do not hesitate to contact us at 932185847. In JAG Alcaide, as expert installers of air conditioning Mitsubishi Electric Barcelona, we will advise you in the best possible way.

We in J.A.G. Alcaide are well aware of how much importance has opening new paths and adapting to new concerns that people have nowadays. For this reason we want to start focusing on new areas such as home automation, which are expected to have a basic role in the structure of future homes.

Many people will wonder, what’s exactly house automation? Well, house automation means turning manual house functions into automatic ones, with the final purpose of creating “smart houses”, in which owners feel more safe and comfortable. Home automation has another branch that focuses on building automation, however in this post we’re just going to talk about the house part.

Home automation has many functions, which go from things that can help make your life easier, to others that can seem even a bit futuristic. When it comes to safety, for example an automated house can have water sensors which make sound an alarm if they notice water where it shouldn’t be, or gas sensors making also sound an alarm when they notice gas leak. Other applications can relate to comfort, such as having movement sensors that turn lights on when they notice people walking around  or houses with anemometers outside (sensors that detect wind speed),  that will close the blind or shutters down when they notice too much wind speed.

House automation has also more futuristic applications, like for example listening to the user’s favorite soundtrack when he/she wakes up from bed in the morning, or the ability to control the house from a computer.

Other security focused applications are highly valued by users. For example an automated house can configure the system so that when the user presses a button on the phone all house blinds are lowered or during vacations when nobody is home, the automated system can move blinds up and down from time to time in order to simulate presence.

Automated house control panel

Automated house control panel

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Now that they’re about to release the new law that prevents the installation of the so called “conventional boilers”, there’s every day more customers passing by our offices to ask the same questions: “What is a condensing boiler?” ”What’s the difference between this boilers and a normal boiler?”

For this reason, in this text we’ve tried to answer all this questions trying to make the explanation as simple as we can, so that in the end everyone who has read it can understand the advantages of the condensing boilers in front of the conventional ones, and people can also understand condensing boilers particularities.

Condensing boiler Junkers ZW BC25-2c

Inside of a Junkers ZWBC25-2C condensing boiler

The main difference that exists between a condensing and a conventional boiler is its energy efficiency. This can be seen on the boilers performance: When a condensing boiler is working on the best conditions, it can give up to a 111% performance. On the other hand, conventional boilers normally give a performance of around 80%.

What does having a high performance actually mean? In physics, performance can be expressed in the following equation:

Performance formula

This means that, the higher the performance is, the lower the energy that the boiler will consume in order to provide the user with the warmth he/she requires. This is shown in the user’s bill as less consume in gas.

The fact that a condensing boiler can offer such high performance is a big advantage in front of its competitors. It’s important though, to explain carefully which are the conditions needed to get close to this 111% performance. This performance is only obtained when working under optimal conditions, meaning installations with long heating pipes stretches or installations using an underfloor water heating system.

This happens for a reason: the secret hidden behind condensing boilers high performance is the way they use the heat generated by the fumes that are expelled to the outside after the heat exchange happens. In order to reuse this heat it’s necessary to have two conditions happening:  On the one hand the water has to be heated on a lower temperature than the one conventional boilers require (only 60 – 70Cº when it comes to condensing boilers). On the other hand the heating circuit has to have a long distance so that the water has time to cool down reaching the perfect temperature in order to get the best performance (35 – 40Cº).

As you can see in the majority of the cases this conditions do not happen, this is why, even though lots of companies promise reductions in gas consumption up to 35% right after installing a condensing boiler, in most of occasions changing from a conventional boiler to a condensing one doesn’t’ mean saving so much gas.

Another thing to take in account when talking about condensing boilers, and in which they are one step forward compared to their competitors, is in low CO2 emissions. Condensing boilers can emit 75% less CO2 into the atmosphere than conventional boilers. This is due to the fact that a large amount of the gases are reused to re-heat water, and therefore are not emitted into the atmosphere.

The reuse of these gases has also its negative sides, since in order to install a condensing boiler it’s always necessary to install drainage so that all the gases that were previously used to reheat water (and that now turned into water themselves) can be evacuated.

Junkers ZW BC25-2C condensing boiler

Lower connections ZW BC25-2C

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Last Thursday we went to install a Mitsubishi HPEZS-71VJA ducted air conditioning in Vilanova I la Geltrú. The client had purchased a new flat around 4 or 5 years ago. This flat had a Ferroli ducted air conditioning machine that after 4 years was no longer working the way it should. When the client felt […]

This week we’ve been handling the renovation of the gas community installation in a building located on Valencia Street, Barcelona. The owners of several flats inside the building decided it was about time to replace the old lead gas system in order to adapt it to the new regulations by performing a new copper gas installation which ensured a complete seal.

To make such remodeling, we first started by modifying the IRC (Community reception installation), which is the part of the installation that’s connected to the general gas pipeline. This installation is connected also with the building gas batteries, which in this case where located on the roof.

Community reception installation

Community reception installation


After we concluded with the new IRC installation, we proceeded to replace the existing IRI (Interior receptive installation) from lead to copper. This part of the installation is the one supplying gas from the gas battery to each of the particular houses.

Interior receptive installation

Interior receptive installation

Interior receptive installation

Interior receptive installation


When we were done with all the steps mentioned above, we then called the natural gas distributor so that they could connect the new gas installation to the general gas distribution network. When they were done connecting it, they sent an inspector in order to verify everything was working out as it should, and everything was also following the actual gas normative. The results were excellent and, after a few hours where the inspector was giving gas to neighbors one by one while checking if there was any gas leakage on any particular installation, the inspector saw everything was good and proceeded to give gas to the building permanently. Read more

Have you ever heard the term “reactive power”? Have you ever found it reflected on your electric bill as Euros? In this post we want to clearly explain what the power factor is, the reasons why electric companies penalize customers when this factor is too low, and how to correct it.

In order to understand this concept, we’ll start by explaining that electrical circuits are governed by a law known worldwide as “Ohm’s law”. This law separates two terms: current and voltage. It also creates a relation between them:

V= I· R

Using this formula, we can also get to find the power, relating it to voltage and current:

P= V· I

As we can see, power is the result of multiplying current and voltage.  Given that the voltage supplied model to housing in Spain is always 230V (or should be), we can say that power consumption depends only on the current that each customer uses, i.e., the name of devices that are connected to the house electric circuits.

Given the formula mentioned above, in order to be able to use the power, we’ll need it to be always positive. When the power is positive it can be converted into energy and this is the only scenario where it gives users benefit. In order to have positive power, we’ll need the power factor to be 1 or very close to 1. Power factor indicates the gap between current and voltage, i.e., if the current appears before the voltage, if it’s the voltage that appears before current, or if instead they both happen at the same time (which means they are in phase). Referring now to basic math, it’s important to remember that when any negative number is multiplied by a positive one, the result obtained is always negative. However when two positive or two negative numbers multiply each other, the result obtained is always positive.

In the graphics that you can find under this paragraph, we will first expose the case in which the power factor is 1, meaning current and voltage are in phase, and then another case in which the power factor is lower, meaning that voltage and current are not in phase. Power factor is referred to as Cos (Alpha).

Reactive Power not in phase

I and V not in phase

Reactive power on phase

I and V on phase


emisores térmicos gama ELAFLU


–          ON/OFF switch with LED indicator.

–          Control module integrating easy access analog sticks.

–          1 meter connection cable with electricity plug.

–          Different working modes which allow the user to personalize the temperature and consume. 

ELAFLU thermal emitters

In our daily boilers and heaters fixing service, we see everyday more and more customers that are unhappy about the performance of their boiler, the quantity of gas that it uses daily, way more than they expected when the boiler was installed. In the worst cases those customers already come when the problem is too big to be fixed, and they end up having to change their boiler. Most of these problems however could have been avoided if they had arranged a boilers maintenance service.

Leaving aside legal issues or the fact that manufacturers always recommend performing annual maintenance for the boilers, periodic maintenance carries many advantages. For instance it is very important to regulate the boiler every year, this way it uses only the gas that’s needed, avoiding gas wasting and usually providing a much better performance. A boiler that hasn’t been regulated for a long time can spend a lot more gas than is required. If the boiler has been also cleaned every year it can have less energy consume, also improved performance and a lot less problems that might end up with the boiler not working at all.

Moreover, having a maintenance contract for the boiler gives customers a security feeling, since whenever they have a problem with it, they know by calling our phone number we will be there to take care of it without any charge.

You can see bellow some pictures of a boiler inside before and after cleaning it:

boiler control

Burner before

boiler installation

Burner after

boiler review

Boiler before

boiler maintenance

Boiler after

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In JAG Alcaide we’ve recently decided to start giving the service that we’re supposed to once we joined the energy trading company “Fenienergia” as an associated partner. Fenienergia has some values and follows some ideals that we consider are really equal to the ones we’ve been following since the beginning of our company activities, 60 years ago.

There are a lot of things that make Fenienergia very different than all other energy trading companies, but there’s one that actually makes the difference: In Fenienergia the commercial agents and the shareholders are the installers. Yes, it’s us; the ones you’ve placed your trust on for so many years will now also be the ones you can come to asking for anything regarding your electricity bill, changes you want to make in it like lowering the power you’re paying for… This provides a great link between Fenienergia and customer s, as if you choose this company you’ll be able to say goodbye to the endless calls to random people who leave 6000km away from your place, you will also say goodbye to the minutes wasted listening to music… since it will be your trusted installer the one that will be taking care of all your needs and requests.

Since most of Fenienergia customers are installers companies customers also, one of the main concerns that this company has is providing an optimal service and a great support to all of its customers. For example, no penalty fine will be applied to the customers who decide to break their contract with Fenienergia. This shows how much trust we have on us, and how we’re sure that once you try us you won’t be able to leave us.

After having explained you what are the main traits of this company, we invite you to come by our place with your actual electric bill, and we will show you, by making a real time comparison, how it’s not only the service that is great but also the price.

If you live far away from us or you’re too busy to come over you may aswell send us your bill via website and we will send you the comparison as fast as we can. This comparison is obviously free.

For more information you can also visit the following website:

vehículos eléctricos

Charging point signal

Spain is one of the most enthusiastic countries in regards to the purchase of electric vehicles. A study by  Accente consultancy reveals that 77% of the Spaniards would purchase a vehicle of the sort. One of the reasons for that enthusiasm is the  low fuel consumption of these vehicles; aprozimately 650 € every 10000km. Another important reason is their low carbon emissions produced by its internal combustion engine.

There are two ways to charge electric vehicles:

  •      Conventional charging, which uses the same current and voltage as a standard house, ie 16 amperes and 230 volts. With this charging system a car battery would take about 8 hours to load completely.
  •      The fast charging, which uses a higher intensity and a power output of 22kW. With this charging system it would take about 15 minutes to load 65% of the car’s battery.

It is clear that to promote this new electric vehicle market is essential to set many more charging points. As we can conclude from the requirement of the European Union, which has asked Spain to place about 82,000 charging points within its territory before the year 2020.

If you are interested in installing a charging point for your electric car, contact us and we will provide all the information you need.

Energy efficiency can be defined as the reduction of the energetic consume without compromising users comfort. This way we’re able to reduce energy costs and at the same time promote economic, political and environmental sustainability. This practice achieves both protecting environment and raising people awareness about the importance of sustainable energy consumption.

Changing the habits of daily consumption can lead to considerable energy savings. It is important to understand that there is a difference between the actual energy consumption and the one that’s really needed. In most cases, choosing low-power appliances (e.g. New Junkers air conditioners which give crucial importance to energy savings) or a rational use of heating may be key points to lower energy consumption without sacrificing comfort or welfare.

Some of the most important recommendations in order to reduce consumption are:

  • Getting A class appliances. This can consume up to 55% less energy than middle-class appliances.
  • Installation of LED bulbs, which last about 50 years, have low power consumption and are the future of energy efficiency when it comes to lightning area. Installing LEDs can help us to reduce significantly the 20% of electricity consume that’s related to lightning.
  • 46% of energy consumption in a house is related to heating (this percentage increases to 60% if we add the hot water part). Installing an A class boiler will help reduce this consumption significantly.

It is also important to mention that, since June 1 and according to RD 235/2013, an energy efficiency certificate will be needed if a building or parts of it are either sold or rented.

Efficient house[:] Read more

Recently  J.A.G. Alcaide, has started to boost its activity in both social media ant the internet. Therefore, we have created a facebook group ( aiming to open a more direct communication channel with our customers, and with the intention to share comments and impressions with them.

Furthermore, we have also joined an initiative created by a group of local businesses from the Gracia neighbourhood, joined tigether under the name of “els10degracia” ( With this initiative we want to continue building bridges with the neighborhood, as we have been doing during the 60 years we have been in the business, aswell as to announce our special offers to customers who obtain the group’s special license.

JAG Alcaide en las redes sociales

JAG Alcaide in Facebook

jagalcaidegas2For some months JAG Alcaide has been pressured by Gas Natural’s sales teams to push our customers in order to close electrical services contracts in the periodical visits to check the gas installations. Due to the inconvenient nature of such contracts to our customers; as many of them have complained about high monthly charges, JAG Alcaide has decided to end its partnership with Gas Natural.

Therefore, we would like to inform our customers that from January the 1st of 2013, JAG Alcaide does not perform any service for Gas Natural. However, we are proud to announce that JAG Alcaide offers exactly the same services through its Official Maintenance Service, which includes:

  •     24/5 Technical assistance
  •     Immediate telephone attention
  •     Emergency service in less than 3 hours
  •     Yearly maintenance contract (Compulsory in all houses with central heating, according to the RD1027/2007 law)

The cost of that service is 80 Euro + VAT, a highly competitive price, about 30 Euro below the price you pay to the Servigas. Moreover, JAG Alcaide offers the possibility of spreading the cost of your service during the whole year.

In the year 2013 JAG Alcaide’s will celebrate its 60th anniversary, thanks to the confidence of many customers like you, that is the main reason for us to go ahead with enthusiasm and the commitment to maintain the quality of our service.


We executed an underfloor heating system installation using the REHAU system in Molins de Rei. The underfloor heating is a kind of installation that consists on a series of piping circuits that are placed inside the floor or ceiling so that they remain invisible. Through these circuits the water flows at different temperatures depending of what use you want to get: if you want the house to get colder the water will flow at low temperature. On the other hand, if what you want is the house to be warmer the water will flow at a higher temperature.

Using this system has lots of advantages such as heat and acoustic comfort, energetic efficiency, interior thermal stability independent from what happens on the outside… Another advantage is also the absence of radiators, making rooms more attractive.

In order to provide hot water to the underfloor heating system we used a solar panel together with an auxiliary water heating system consisting of a 25kW Junkers CERAPUR COMFORT ZWBC25-2CN boiler. The system worked the following way: The pumping group brought the heat transfer fluid to the solar panel which warmed it up. Then this fluid was used to transfer its heat to the water, which would then travel through the underfloor heating system warming it up.  If the solar panel didn’t have enough power to warm up the water then the Junkers boiler was activated helping heat the water.

Underfloor heating installation

Junkers ZWBC25-2C

Instalacioón de calefacción por suelo radianteUnderfloor heating installationUnder floor heating installationinstalación de calefacción por suelo radianteUnderfloor heating installationinstalación de calefacción por suelo radiante