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Air conditioner Mitsubishi MSZ-AP71VGK

3.090,00 iva incluido

Etiquetas: A++,AP series,Gas R-32



Price: 2990€ VAT and installation up to 5m included.

The pleasure of resting

The MSZ-AP71VGK series has been designed to fit any home. Its elegant and compact design, its advanced features and its good price allows this small unit to offer a perfect balance for all rooms and environments.

The main features of the MSZ-AP71VGK series are:

Ultra quiet mode

Unit designed to offer the best comfort at bedtime. Thanks to its low noise level of only 19dB this unit guarantees maximum rest during hot summer nights.


Advanced air filter

The advanced Nano-Platinum filter incorporates platinum-ceramic particles that generates antibacterial and deodorizing effects on the air. In addition, thanks to its corrugated surface, this unit increases the filter area, implying a better capture of dust and even being able to eliminate bad smells.


Ultra compact

It is the most compact unit of all with just 195mm depth. In addition, its careful aesthetics and exclusive desing makes this unit ideal for all types of rooms. The Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP71VGK is the smallest machine being only 25cm high.


Heat mode

In heat mode, the slat inclination at 90º and a higher air flow, guarantee optimum heat distribution directly to the floow, avoiding the “cold feet” effect.


Replace Technology

The replace technology, exclusive to Mitsubishi Electric, allows replacing old air conditioning units, regardless of the brand, using the existing installation after cleaning it with nitrogen. 

Electricity saving

Thanks to its A+++ energy efficiency, the MSP-AP71VGK helps you enjoy your air conditioning without having to worry about the electricity bill.

Below we attach the table of characteristics of the MSZ-AP60VGK:


Additional information

Energy efficiency


Sound level (dB)





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