Mitsubishi AP Series Air Conditioner

Mitsubishi Electric presents the new MSZ AP series within the new generation of R32 refrigerant gas equipment.

This unit has the highest A +++ classification in cooling mode and a compact design that allows it to be installed in any room in the house.

In addition, it has the Air Purifier filter capable of capturing small particles of dust and odors.


Integrated WiFi control *

Control through the MELCloud system that allows you to control the air conditioning through any Smartphone, Tablet or PC comes standard.

As a novelty, the response time has been improved, achieving a totally immediate response.

* VG-terminated MSZ-AP units do not carry the included Wi-fi adapter. MAC-567IF-E adapter separately. | MSZ-AP units with VGK termination incorporate the integrated Wifi adapter inside the indoor unit.

Compact design

The new MSZ-AP also features a super slim chassis for the capacities of 15 (available for Multisplit R32 systems) and 20. This extremely small size allows indoor units to be placed in very tight spaces, going completely unnoticed.

In 1 × 1 combinations, the 25/35/42/50 capacities also feature a compact design of just 219mm deep to accommodate any type of installation.

In addition, you can access information on electricity consumption through the App to have full control of your air.

High efficiency

Thanks to the introduction of the new R32 refrigerant gas, the new MSZ-AP has the highest energy classification: A +++ in SEER and SCOP of A ++.

These efficiency ranges ensure maximum performance with minimum electrical consumption during the hottest days.

Full blade control

The new MSZ-AP offers total control of the slat through the remote control, ensuring optimum air conditioning in any corner of the house.

It allows the control of the oscillation of the slat horizontally and vertically, improving the distribution of air flow and quickly air-conditioning any room.