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Air Conditioner Junkers Mono Split Mural Comfort-4 (2,6 kW)



Junkers Mono Split Mural Comfort-4 (2,6 kW)


– Smart Antifreeze Protection: It takes advantage of the heat working mode in order to achieve considerable savings.

– Automatic reset protection and anti-icing:  When a power cut happens, the air conditioner resets itself keeping the same conditions it had before it got turned off.

– Sleep mode: It controls temperature all night long.

– Self-cleaning function: Keeps the air conditioner running for 3 minutes after it gets turned off by the user. This way it prevents itself from mold formation.

– Swing function: This feature allows getting a better air distribution by moving the air output grid.

– Failure Diagnosis function: If anything goes wrong, it shows an  error code in the display.

– Turbo Mode: This function gets the fan working at a higher speed in order to reach the desired temperature a lot quicker.


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